VX Series : High Performance Spiral Pointed Taps.

Features :

HSS-E Premium grade High Vanadium Steel having better wear resistance.

30% improved life in comparison to standard series taps. High Performance Spiral Pointed Taps.

First Choice

Second Choice

Workpiece Material Coating
Bright TiN TiCN
Steel 1. Low Carbon Steel / Structural Steel

2. Medium Carbon Steel

3. Alloy Steel

4. Hardened Steel-35 HRC / 40 HRC
Stainless Steel 1. Free Machining Stainless Steel

2. Austenitic Ferritic AISI 304,316,321

Cast Iron 1. Grey Cast Iron
2. Malleable Cast Iron
Aluminium Magnesium 1. Short Chipping Si >10%
2. Long Chipping Unalloyed

3. Medium Chipping Si < 0.5%

Nickel 1. Nickel Alloy INCONEL*
2. Titanium*
Stocks Available
Standard Size Tolerance Bright TiN TiCN
ISO-529 IS-6175-II M3 to M10 6H & 6G
IS-6175-III M3 to M30 6H & 6G
DIN DIN-371 M3 to M10 6H & 6G
DIN-376 M3 to M16 6H & 6G
D-374 M4 to M16 6H & 6G