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Emkay taps are made of the finest high speed steel and are heat treated under controlled conditions using the latest techniques. This result in the finest range of ground thread taps to be found in the market. Every ET taps has built-in resistance to heat and abrasion.

However, there are certain tap application where additional surface treatment can add appreciably to the life of the tap even while operating at much higher parameters. Listed below are the surface treatments currently available with us. :-

Coating Composition Micro Hardness (HV) Coeffcient of friction against Steel (Dry) Coating Thickness (Micron) Maximum Working C Coating Colour Purpose Primary Application
Titanium Nitride (TiN) 2300 0.4 1.4 600 Gold
To resist abrasion & chip welding
Machining of ferrous material, Metal forming & Plastic molding.
Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) 3000 0.4 1.4 400 Blue Grey
High wear resistance, enhanced toughness, wear Resistance
For mechanically stressed cutting edges, difficult to machine Ferrous and Non Ferrous alloy, high speed cutting where moderate temp. is generated at the cutting edge, Metal forming, Punching and fine blanking.
Multilayer Titanium Aluminum Nitride (Advanced version of FUTURA) (TiN+TiAIN) 3300 0.0.35 1.5 900 Voilet Grey
High wear resistance, excellent oxidation resistance, Heat Protection
A Multilayer coating designed for wide range of carbide, ceramic and HSS tooling. Excellent for machining cast iron, stainless steel, nickel based high temperature alloys. Superior coating for Aluminum and Magnesium die casting. Recommended for highspeed semi dry or dry machning operation.