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Effect of lubricants on the cutting process :
Heat is generated as a result of the machining operation done in cutting metals. This heat reduces the hardness of the cutting tools. By means of cutting fluids, the impact of the heat thus generated during machining is reduced and the friction between the tools and workpeice is also reduced.
The advantages of using a correct cutting fluid are :
  • 1. Longer tool Life
  • 2. Greater Production
  • 3. Better size control
  • 4. Smoother and more accurate finish
  • 5. Avoid frequent resharpening of tap.
  • 6. More efficient removal of chips.

The best cutting fluids is one that possesses good lubricating properties in addition to its cooling properties. Unfortunately many tap users do not appreciate the important role played by fluids in the tapping operations. The user of tap can take advantage of the services and the recommendation offered by our Application Engineers. In addition to selecting the proper fluid, some thought should be given to the method of its application. It should be applied at the cutting area under pressure. In horizontal tapping, where the tap is stationary and the part revolves, it is desirable to use more than one stream of tapping is vertical , horizontal, or inclined, the important thing is to have tapping fluid reach the cutting or forming area of the tap at all times. If the fluid is automatically applied only on the forward strock of the tap, it should be timed so that the fluid reaches the hole before the tap starts to cut or form.

Filters should be used to keep the fluid clean. If filters are not used, care must be taken to replace the fluid when it becomes contaminated. Also, the tank and piping should be throughly cleaned at regular intertvals.
  Suggested tapping fluids                                                     
Soluble oil and better option is to use chemical type coolant
Soluble oil , light duty oil
Cast Iron
Dry , air jet or soluble oil
Soluble oil or chemicaltype coolant
Soluble oil or chemicaltype coolant
Light base oil
Magnesium Alloys
Oil specially recommended for magnesium
Low Carbon
Sulfer base oil
High Carbon
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
Free Cutting
Sulfer base oil
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
Stainless Steel
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
High-temperature alloye
Sulfer or chlorinated oil
Soluble oil