ET believes in working together with user industry to find solutions wherever necessary improvements for tapping requirements are needed. With ET, you will have access to our wide data bank of successful tapping operations in every conceivable engineering material with a wide spectrum of tapping parameters. ET’s advancements in cutting tool design and production have produced very high quality thread cutting taps that are setting new standards for productivity, we are actively involved in trials at customers end, during trials we test new PM grade steels different coatings and different geometries, the innovations we bring after trials enable our customers to get the best threading taps at reasonable cost.


Vigorous Quality Control measures are done at each stage level and also final inspection level so that consistency in quality is ensured to the customers. We are dedicated to precision manufacturing of ground thread taps with world-class R&D facilities and are staffed by highly trained engineers, all dedicated to developing the highest quality ground thread taps using the latest processes and machines to offers an extensive line of High Technology thread cutting taps designed for use in today’s most aggressive conditions.


With the type of inventories we are having, we are in a position to dispatch material to our customers just in time. We are maintaining a very large inventory of standard taps and also nonstandard taps in HSS and also HSSE and PM grade steels , we also have stocks of coated taps ,with such inventories we are able to despatch 95% of our orders within 24 hours Utilization of our resources and technical knowhow to their fullest, we at ET are providing our customers ground thread taps with advanced technology, superior quality with service at customer doorstep giving a reason for customers to insist on “ET Taps” as their first choice.