Standard Series

Standard Series

Standard series Forming Taps are used for general applications. Taps are available with and without Oil Grooves. Also available in various coatings.
First Choice

Second Choice

Workpiece Materia Coating
Bright TiN TiCN
Steel 1. Low Carbon Steel / Structural Steel

2. Medium Carbon Steel

3. Alloy Steel

4. Hardened Steel-35 HRC / 40 HRC
Stainless Steel 1. Free Machining Stainless Steel

2. Austenitic Ferritic AISI 304,316,321

Cast Iron 1. Grey Cast Iron
2. Malleable Cast Iron
Aluminium Magnesium 1. Short Chipping Si >10%

2. Long Chipping Unalloyed

3. Medium Chipping Si < 0.5%

Nickel 1. Nickel Alloy INCONEL
2. Titanium
Stocks Available
Standard Size Tolerance Bright TiN TiCN
ISO-529 IS-6175-I M1.6 to M2.5 6H & 6G
IS-6175-II M3 to M10 6H & 6G
IS-6175-III M3 to M30 6H & 6G
IS-6175-IV (2283) M3 to M10 6H & 6G
UNC/UNF NO. 2 to 1” 2B & 3B
BSW/BSF 1/8” to 1” Zone 3
DIN DIN-371 M1.6 to M10 6H & 6G
DIN-376 M3 to M30 6H & 6G
D-374 M3 to M24 6H & 6G
UNC/UNF NO. 2 to 1” 2B & 3B