Hi-Performance Thread Forming Taps

Also known as “Cold Forming Tap” or “Roll Forming Tap”. Thread forming tap produces internal threads by an action similar to thread rolling, a novel method of cold forming of threads by displacement of material rather than by chip removal. These taps have neither flutes nor cutting edges and they are just like a screw. In the end view and cross section, the major and minor diameters follow a contour. The fluteless taps are “screwed” in the pre- drilled work piece with proper feed rate and the thread profile is gradually press formed
Emkay is a premium name in forming taps our innovative designs are used for a wide range of applications including engine components fasteners couplings oil filters. Depending on the application we are constantly modifying our lobe designs and number of lobes and oil grooves to achieve maximum production. These innovations have resulted in very low cost per component for our customers.

Emkay forming taps are available ex-stock in the following thread standards.

ISO Metric Coarse thread

ISO Metric Fine thread

Unified Coarse thread (UNC)

Unified Fine thread (UNF)

Whitworth pipe thread (BSP)

Through coolant taps are also offered for various applications


Automobile industry is having several components with threaded holes .Emkay has years of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying forming taps for specific applications, our taps are relied upon by the OEM”s Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers who require top most quality, consistency and timely deliveries.

Electrical, Fasteners, Engines and other industries

Electrical industry and fastners manufacturers have many challenges in tapping various components, we have understood the product demand for these industries and are in a position to provide proper solutions required by our customers.


APPLICATION : Use in Through or Blind Hole Application

These taps are designed for machine tapping in ductile materials. Also known as Cold Forming Tap, Roll Forming Tap or Fluteless Tap. Emkay Tools Hi-Performance Thread Forming Taps have no flutes or cutting edges but have special roll forming lobes with circular lands and short taper leads for through or blind holes. Since the displacement of metal has to be considered, specially calculated pre-tapping drill sizes are necessary.
For tapping depths, more than twice the tap diameter, roll taps with oil grooves are recommended. These grooves provide a passage for the lubricant and also for the escape of air and oil to avoid a piston effect in blind holes.



Standard Series


PM Series

Carbide Series